Travel Vouchers

Travel — Best. Gift. Ever.

Best gift for your loved ones

What better gift to give to your travel-obsessed sibling, offspring, or bestie than… well, the world?
With our travel gift vouchers, you can help them fulfill their travel dreams.

At Camp Wanderers, you have the flexibility of buying in the available denominations or with an amount of your choice!

This voucher will be valid for one year and can be used while registering for any of our programs.

Choose from our range of denominations

₹2000 Voucher

₹1000 Voucher

₹500 Voucher

Need a customized voucher?

You can just send an email to or give us a call on

+91 7227882267 and will reply back with a custom link to make the payment.

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Minimum ₹500 and Maximum ₹10,000